Nepal Cultural Exchange Program

Nepal is a very rich country in culture and  landscape. The country is a hodgepodge of ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak over 100 languages and dialects and there are numerous festivals that are celebrated throughout the year in traditional style highlighting enduring customs and beliefs.
Nepali is a National and official language in Nepal. It is used throughout the Kingdom of Nepal. Learning Nepali language gives you a different experience. Your stay will be richly enhanced when given the opportunity to communicate outside the tourist realm.
Volunteers Nepal has a number of experienced and professional language trainers. It applies learner centered teaching methods with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Trainer can be available at learner's convenient time and place.

Volunteers Nepal has its own designed course book but can be given lessons according to learner's needs and suggestions. We guarantees that the learner can feel the difference and confidence within a few hours. We provide short term (hourly basis) and long-term (more than two weeks) language classes. In the long term courses, the learner can learn different cultural norms and values as well from the community. Learning a language means to assimilate oneself to the culture of the target language i.e. one acculturates him in the target language society. Keeping this socio-linguistic principle in mind VIN believes that village (family) stay is the best part of learning language and culture. They can develop not only the language, but also get a great opportunity to see and experience real Nepali life styles,  the natural beauty and a rich cultural experience by participating in local festivals.

Before leaving for the village stay, the learner will be given detail information on cultural aspects of village life. Then, the learner will be taken to the best village and family by a language trainer and have Nepali family and have Nepali language for few hours in a classroom everyday. The learner will stay in Nepali family and have food with them as a family member. The host family will also be given orientation on how to deal and serve food for foreigners.

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