Clinical / Health Medical Inernship in Nepal

Medical Tour: Minimum of 2 weeks and Maximum of 6 Weeks.
Medical Internship: Minimum of 2 weeks and Maximum of 20 Weeks.

Our Medical Tour/Internship Program places doctors, nurses, and medical school students in hospitals and clinics in Nepal. You work in either a urban or rural setting, providing primary care to locals in your specialty.

We have standing requests from local facilities for Internists, Urologists, Surgeons, Oncologists, Opthamologists, Nurses, Dentists, and EMT's. You will play a critical role in the villages and towns where you'll serve.

Medical school students' activities will include things like following doctors on their rounds, exploring different treatments for simple ailments, providing physical therapy, and participating in vaccination programs.

Depending on the timing of your visit, you will have the opportunity to visit large general hospitals, maternity clinics, children's hospitals, HIV/AIDS wards, and alternative-medicine clinics. Your visits will be given some context by local doctors and nurses who will discuss issues such as typical illnesses/treatments and the general state of health care in the country.

Medical Interns need to be either currently studying or practicing in the medical field, which includes doctors, nurses, EMT's, medical students, and nursing students.

Working Days:
5-6 Days a week (normally Sunday-Friday)


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