Internship in Journalism

Name of Program: Journalism/Photojournalism Internship
Program Duration: 2 Weeks to 5 Month
Living Arrangement: Apartment/Flat, Hotel/Guest House, Host Family
Location: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan
Qualification: Basic learner to professional journalist or photojournalist

Volunteers Nepal provides an exciting opportunity for journalism/photojournalism students who are interested in exploring Nepal's great culture, beauty, people and media. We provide the opportunity to work as a journalist with Nepal's leading national newspapers or doing intensive freelance photojournalism/photography in the country.

When to apply: Throughout the year.
You can apply all seasons. Applications for photojournalism internships are accepted for summer, fall, spring and winter.

Publications and Media Positions:
1. Publications: Daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly publications. Newspapers and magazines are listed below.
2. TV Stations: Nepal Television, Kantipur Television, Channel Nepal, Image Channel.

Position: Reporting, Editing and Photography. Interns/volunteers go into the field as assignment reporters, covering stories or photo stories around the country. Interns/volunteer can work at the news desk, or can work as an assistant editor.

Salary: Unpaid
You will not receive payment for your work with any publication or in the media, or for any photos.

Work Week: Sun-Friday

Working Hours: You will work 5-7 hours per day, depending on publication type and assignment. Hours may vary with each assignment. (Intern/volunteer can work part time or full time depending on their level of interest.)

Vacancies: Internship positions are usually available throughout the year.

Equipment for photography interns: Neither the publications or Internship Nepal have photographic equipment for interns use. Our professionals prefer to have their own equipment and we have found that our interns have their own preferences regarding photographic equipment. Many interns bring laptops in addition to their photography equipment. You are expected to bring your own preferred photography equipment. With the usual level of care and attention it is safe to bring photographic equipment to Nepal.

Rights to photo: Interns retain all rights to their photographs. Your assigned Publication reserves the right to use your photos; however the images will only be used with your permission.

Photo assignment:You will be working with one of the photo journalists employed by the publication. As a photo journalism intern your assignments will concentrate on photo stories.

We provides an exciting opportunity to the journalism students who are willing to explore the Nepal's great cultural heritage, natural beauty, wild life etc. We provide an opportunity to work with Nepal's leading national daily or weekly newspapers and magazines. Volunteering at the Nepali media is a tremendous opportunity to gain valuable journalism experience in a completely different & hugely interesting culture.

If you have a bit of experience and a keen interest in journalism, a placement on the Nepali newspaper can provide experience in all aspects of producing a publication – from researching & writing articles, to editing, lay-out, printing & distribution. For the more experienced, you’ll quickly be able to produce your own features, & perhaps take on the role of an editor. The paper is run by our experienced journalists so, whatever standard you are, you’ll have our full support.

Work as an intern in radio, television, newspapers, or magazines. Depending on the internship, your work could include writing, reporting, researching, conducting interviews, photography, video, broadcasting, graphic design, filming, mixing and editing music vedios, editing, and coming up with ideas for stories/features.

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