Nepali Language Learning

If you are going to make the most of your holidays in Nepal you should learn a little Nepali. On trek or simply visiting site in the valley some spoken Nepali can make all the difference. You can take the classes at your own place or our class room in Nepal.

To become a leading provider of volunteering and learning activities in Nepal, covering a wide range of activities and price ranges, tailor made to suit your budget. We can tailor your learning program to suit your budget, time schedule and requirements.

The ultimate goal of our program design is to help participants achieve basic skills in the Nepali language and culture in a limited span of time. We provide intensive, group and individual classes. We also provide a special course in learning to read and write in the Nepali script, known as Devnagari.

We are sure if you have a powerful motivation to learn Nepali, you enjoy studying and practicing it. You enjoy learning new words. When you hear or read a new word you focus on it, and it's meaning, and it enters your memory permanently. You recall the correct words quickly, easily and accurately. You speak it with fluency, confidence and the correct intonation.

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