Volunteer in Information Technology

IT education in Nepal is no more newly born child. It is now at the stage of slating maturity. Although IT education industry in Nepal is just worth corer, but the scene is changing breathlessly. As per our observations, IT education industry should grow exponentially. The reason is very simple our present IT literacy rate is below 5%. As the use of IT applications is penetrating without friction the IT literacy rate is all-set to zoom. IT training institutes can here play a significant role promoting IT towards and further imparting world - class IT education to the people.

We are offering internships in Information Technology sector.  Depending upon your academic career or professional experience, we can have internship program in following area:

· Database Administration
· Network/System Administration and Troubleshooting 
· System Analysis Design 
· Quality Control and Assurance
· Project Management
· Application Development and others

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