Women Empowerment in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest country in the world, the Nepalese society is dominated largely by males, almost all the women after marriage are fully depended on their husband as female child hardly get education in Nepal, illiteracy makes them unfit for any government or private job and the worst part is the are unaware about their own fundamental rights. Without education they can not undergo any academic based trainings or vocation as a result they are left helpless and dependent on their husband. Not all women are treated well by their husbands and laws. Moreover, there are several widows without any means of living as a result of 10 years insurgency; due to their naïve nature they are often lured/forced by pimps into sex business. Some women willingly get into this sort of business as they have no education, no formal trainings to help themselves for their livelihood. All these instances here prompted us to help them by giving some kind of trainings depending on their caliber inviting well educated volunteers from around the world.

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